Conservatorship, Trust & Estate Administration

A Professional Fiduciary is an individual who accepts responsibility for looking after the needs and affairs of another person. Clients served include those seeking assistance with handling their needs and business for a variety of personal reasons.  In addition, other services include aid to a recently widowed or surviving spouse, assistance to those who are ill, handicapped, or incapacitated.  The Fiduciary acts solely for the benefit of that person.

In California, Professional Fiduciaries are licensed by the State Professional Fiduciaries Bureau.
Obtaining and maintaining a fiduciary license (CLPF) requires thorough background and credit checks, formal education, successfully passing the national and state examination and certification processes, perpetual continuing education, and complete transparency in personal and professional affairs.

Fiduciary services may also include private arrangements. A variety of the services offered by ConservaTrust are briefly detailed on these pages.  For further information, please contact us for a personal and confidential review so that we may tailor services to meet your specific requirements

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