beverly hills bar association

The Beverly Hills Bar Association and its working committees (Guardianship/Conservatorship, Project and Elder Law) deal with all issues relating to estate planning and the probate of descendants’ estates, the avoidance of probate, and the protection of incompetents and their assets through guardianships and conservatorships.

center for guardianship certification

The Center for Guardianship Certification (CGC) was created in 1994 as an allied foundation of the National Guardianship Association (NGA) to enhance the quality of guardianship services through national certification (NCG-National Certified Guardian).  CGC views certification not as the end, but as a means to demonstrate to the public, clients, and the courts that the certified guardian has sufficient skill, knowledge, and understanding of the universal guardianship principles to be worthy of the responsibility entrusted to them.

professional fiduciary association of california

The Professional Fiduciary Association of California is an affiliate member of the National Guardianship Association and is the primary membership organization in California for Professional Fiduciaries and other experts in related fields that provide support services.  This non-profit organization provides continuing education and networking opportunities that aid professionals in expanding their resources to serve their clients.


South Bay Estate Planning Council is a non-profit association dedicated to enhancing the proficiency of advisors who are active in the field of estate planning and who share a commitment to professional growth through education and cooperation.

The Council is devoted to the betterment of the professional skills of its members through education and the sharing of information about changes in the law, issues of importance to clients, legal and financial strategies, the drafting of documents, and the preparation of tax returns.


The Professional Fiduciaries Bureau was created by legislation that was enacted into law in 2007 to regulate non-family member professional fiduciaries, including conservators, guardians, trustees, and agents under durable power of attorney as defined by the Professional Fiduciaries Act.  Professional fiduciaries provide critical services to seniors, disabled persons, and children.  They manage matters for clients including daily care, housing and medical needs, and also offer financial management services ranging from basic bill paying to estate and investment management.

estate planning and trust council logo

Estate Planning & Trust Council of Long Beach was organized for the purpose of promoting cooperation and sharing of knowledge among attorneys, CPAs, financial planners, trust officers and insurance advisors who are active in the field of estate planning or trusts.  Membership is also open to other financial services professionals who take an active role in estate planning on behalf of their clients.  All members are required to have at least five years of experience in their profession.