A Concierge Touch

Below are several real-life examples of ConservaTrust’s concierge service in action:

  • Traveling to Mexico to get a client out of jail
  • Spending 17 hours overnight in the ER with a distraught client
  • Overseeing management and ultimately selling 5 Skilled Nursing Facilities with approximately 800 beds
  • Participating in mediation from 9:00 AM to 4:00 AM for the benefit of clients
  • Managing/selling investment properties, including coordination and oversight of 1031 exchanges
  • Taking a 90 year-old retired Air Force client for a Discovery Flight, allowing him to take the controls once in flight (with experienced pilot in control at all times)
  • Arranging late night travel plans for a client stranded at the airport
  • Assisting with apartment leases for young adult beneficiaries
  • Reuniting estranged family members and friends
  • Analyzing and participating in complex business negotiations
  • Arranging speech therapy for a stroke victim whose speech, and ability to swallow and receive nourishment, was affected
  • Directing modification of residence to provide accessibility for limited-mobility client
  • Rescuing a physically distraught elderly client to provide necessary medical care, enabling her to live comfortably after cancer diagnosis
  • Overseeing preparation or amendment of estate tax returns (Form 706)
  • Sweeping rainwater off a roof to prevent damage to Trust property
  • Facilitating the sale of international real property