Aid To Surviving Spouse

Assist surviving spouse during their time of need and adjustment. Provide guidance or services in estate administration while completing the following important tasks where applicable:

  • Process life insurance policies
  • Apply for Social Security benefits
  • Apply for VA (Veteran’s) benefits, or VA Survivor benefits
  • Apply for private pension benefits
  • Apply for annuity benefits
  • Inventory assets & liabilities
  • Create a budget after income is determined
  • Re-establish credit (if all credit was in the deceased spouse’s name)
  • Notify all appropriate businesses and/or government agencies of the death of the spouse

Help spouse in selecting advisory team (if not already in place):

  • Tax Accountant, Investment Adviser, Financial Planner, Attorney, Healthcare Professionals

Educate surviving spouse in the following:

  • Managing checking accounts/investments (if so desired)
  • Making quarterly estimated tax payments for federal & state obligations
  • Understanding investing and prudent investor methods
  • Recognizing possible scams, get-rich-quick schemes, and unethical or dishonest programs that prey on elders

Establish a maintenance schedule for:

  • Home/landscape
  • Vehicles, etc.