ConservaTrust - Services

ConservaTrust Fiduciary Services, Inc. (ConservaTrust) offers the services listed below with a focus on care and confidentiality.  In all instances, licensed/certified and insured experts in the respective fields including certified public accountants (CPA’s), certified financial planners (CFP’s), insurance experts, legal counsel, real estate brokers, licensed and insured home care service providers, and others will be utilized.  When appropriate or required a surety bond will be acquired and maintained.  All conservatorship services are court supervised and bonded.

 Trust & Estate Administration
ConservaTrust can serve as a Trustee or Successor Trustee. The following are a sampling of the services we offer in trust administration. Whenever possible, we will work with professionals the client currently has a valued relationship with.  If necessary, we will make referrals to professional specialists such as CPA's, legal counsel, financial planners, investment advisers, insurance providers and others as needed.

-Marshal and manage assets 

-Oversee investments analyzing risk versus return

-Secure, value and manage personal and real property
-Manage businesses held in trust

-Distribute income and principal according to the plan outlined in the Trust
-Prepare inventories and accountings
-Prepare financial reports 

-Oversee the tax aspects of investments and distributions, and ensure proper filing of 
 necessary tax forms

-Maintain detailed financial records regarding the trust assets, handle daily financial
 matters for beneficiaries, and pay the grantor's bills and expenses


 Needs Assessment
A specialist will visit a client's home to assess current services utilized, home care options, additional home services available, possible medical solutions or potential placement.  When requested, we can review pertinent legal documents and medical records.  All information is considered to provide a comprehensive care plan. When appropriate, we can work with professionals the client currently has a relationship with or make referrals to professional specialists such as CPA's, legal counsel, financial planners, investment advisers and others.  We can recommend home care options, meal services, and emergency response systems. Additionally, the care plan can include suggested intervention strategies for families coping with difficult decision-making. 

 Advanced Planning Services/ Power of Attorney
When an individual or a couple has no family available to help with care as they age or become disabled, we can provide for that care when the need arises. With the aid of the client's attorney, an agreement is drawn up detailing the express wishes and desires for future care and management. Under a Power of Attorney agreement, one party (a principal) gives to another (the agent – ConservaTrust) the authority to act in defined capacities. Duties can include healthcare decisions, managing daily financial matters, investment selection, placement choices, or end of life decisions. The person granting the power of attorney must have capacity when implementing the power of attorney. A "durable" power of attorney grants powers to the agent even after the principal is unable to handle his/her affairs.

We are available to provide services for either Conservatorship of Person or Conservatorship of Estate or both.  The court appoints a conservator when it has become clear that the conservatee is unable to handle his or her own personal/financial affairs and are unable to make an informed decision or because they may be a harm to themselves or others. Conservatorship of Person involves a court appointment as the oversight manager of a person who is unable to safely manage his or her own personal needs.  Duties in a conservatorship can include:
-Ensure basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter are met
-Review and oversee medical needs, treatment and care plans
-Marshal and manage assets
-Collect income on behalf of the conservatee and pay their obligations
-Oversee investment assets evaluating risk versus return
-Perform as agent in all legal and financial matters, where appropriate
-Available for emergency situations
-Prepare inventories and accountings

-Oversee the tax aspects of investments and distributions, and ensure
 proper filing of necessary tax forms

 Aid To Surviving Spouse

Assist surviving spouse during their time of need and adjustment.  Provide guidance or services in estate administration while completing the following important tasks, where applicable:
   -Process life insurance policies
   -Apply for Social Security benefits
   -Apply for VA (Veteran's) benefits, or VA Survivor benefits
   -Apply for private pension benefits
   -Apply for annuity benefits
   -Inventory assets & liabilities
   -Create a budget, after income is determined
   -Re-establish credit (if all credit was in the deceased spouse's name)
   -Notify all appropriate businesses, government agencies of the death of the spouse
Help spouse in selecting advisory team (if not already in place):
   -Banker, Tax Accountant, Investment Adviser, Financial Planner, Attorney, Healthcare
Educate surviving spouse in the following:
   -Managing checking accounts/ investments (if so desired)
   -Making quarterly estimated tax payments for federal & state obligations
   -Understanding investing and prudent investor methods
   -Recognition of possible scams, get rich quick schemes and unethical or 
    programs that prey on elders
   -Use of online banking/investing (if so desired)
Establish a maintenance schedule for:
   -Vehicles, etc



 Household Management
Maintaining a home can sometimes be an burdensome task as a person ages or other complications arise.  ConservaTrust can ease such challenges and arrange for:
   -Home maintenance/repair services
   -Setting up a filing system to maintain financial, medical & 
investment records
   -Check residence when the client is absent
   -Set up a phone “checking in” system so that client is phoned each 
day to assure
    their safety and well being

   -Plan budgets for all stages of life

 Long Distance Care Management
For families living at a distance, our staff can be the "eyes & ears" watching over a client's physical and cognitive status. We report any concerns that we note in changes in the individual's ability to live independently, including impairments or a decreasing ability to safely live alone. We can provide all case management and arrange for care to be provided by professional home care companies that meet the special needs and requirements of the client.

 Additional Services Upon Request
We will strive to meet additional needs you may have with our unique set of qualifications and credentials.  We are in contact with an extensive combination of experts and can save you time by referring you to the professional(s) that will meet your requirements from the start.